All assembly required
Go from parts to a finished high quality custom snare drum quick and easy. It's all in the kit and all assembly required.
Kit snare drums are the best choice for a custom snare drum.
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You can make this drum yourself
100% Maple ply snare drum shell
Solid Brass Chrome plated lugs
Gretsch/Ludwig style Throw Off
Expert snare bed
Easy to finish and assemble

Save up to $300 
**New sizes available 5.5 x 12 and 5.5 x 14
Compare the KIT price to SJC, Truth and other custom drums. 
Wrap it or finish it, easy to assemble. A $600 snare for less than $300. 
Do It Yourself and save money.

Now get up to $20 rebate on Shipping costs**
**When you send us a photo/video of your completed snare project that we can post to the website. 
NOTE: We are now using a Gretsch style Throw off and Evans Heads on all KIT snares.